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19 August 2012 @ 10:56 am

Come join beacon_hills, an interactive challenge comm for Teen Wolf. The very first Phase is starting soon and it'd be great fun to have some new member join in the fun.

There are two teams: team_argent and team_hale. They're both great teams, and which ever team you join, you will be sure to have a great time competing.

Apply for a team and be sure to tell them I sent you!

I'm Team Hale, btw!
29 July 2012 @ 04:57 pm
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Find the store here @ theiconquest (you have to join to order!)
24 July 2012 @ 11:23 pm
[1 - 5 Mulan]
[6 - 15 Teen Wolf]
[16 - 30 TWD]
[31 - 40 BTVS]
[41 - 60 TVD]
[61 - 70 The BB Theory]
[71 - 75 True Blood]

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icon table by nutty_musings is found here.
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For these, I really tried to get a theme going along with the main theme. I wanted to continue my efforts to tell a story through my icons, much like the Teen Wolf/Walking Dead icons I made earlier. So here is how its set up.

[1-5] Set Up
[6-10] Character
[11-15] Conflict
[16-20] Resolution
[21-25] Secondary Characters

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03 July 2012 @ 05:26 am
The Garden Muse
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Owner: Mary_Greenman


Price table:
1A        10pts
2A          5pts
3A          2pts
4A        30pts
1B       15pts
2B         5pts
3B         3pts
4B       10pts
1C       25pts
2C         5pts
1D         5pts
2D         2pts

This shop is:  
These were a lot of fun to make. I really wanted to play with some new skills, working with textures (creating them on my own and using them from downloads on my PC), layer masks, and doing a little more than just bases/blending. I really love the coloring tools GIMP has. Its such a simple way to make the icon so eye catching! I still hate fonts though. That'll be my next step in expanding.

As far as the actual icons go, I'm really fond of #2 & #5. They were really hard to work and I needed to get the caps just right. Luckily Teen Wolf and Walking Dead have the same lighting and camera filters so it wasn't as hard as it could have been. I really tried to tell a story with these icons, instead of just having random pictures mushed together. A lot of them probably don't make sense (I sort of hate #19). I have several first draft icons that I just threw away all together because the lighting just wouldn't cooperate.

I'm totally proud of this batch all in all. I tried to get a lot of verity and it stirred my mute muse a little bit. I might work this into a series of drabble-esque one shots. Anyway, hope you enjoy and if you have any thoughts on how I can improve, feel free to drop a message! I love feed back! :)


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21 May 2012 @ 11:03 pm
20 Creative!icons. This is a test batch, I'm hoping the next one of these will have 50-100 icons. Still working on bases on the side, though! :)

[8] Walking Dead
[3] Crossover Blends (Walking Dead/Teen Wolf)
[2] Sailor Moon manga
[1] Sailor Moon anime
[5] Detective Conan


I would love feed back on these! I worked really hard to expand my skills in using gimp. I've only just started coloring and working with anime caps, so it would be awesome to hear thoughts on how I can improve! Also any ideas for text textures would be awesome!

- These are not bases. Please don't edit them.

- Credit is appreciated!
(please credit as Mary_Greenman)

textures jordannamorgan @ wolfbane_icons & peacemusicluv. There were a few in my folder i used whose usernames are missing. If you think I've used your textures, please drop me a note with a link so I can credit you properly! Thanks!

- Mary

Appy | Team Gothic

(Please mention me when you sign up!)

Its a graphics landcomm that is a lot of fun! I've been in it on and off and I always learn new skills while working on the projects we're assigned!

As a side note, since this is my graphics comm, I want to say that I really, really like the way this turned out. I was sort of just dicking around and it came out really well. Yay~!