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Graphics & Fan Art

by Mary Greenman

Marys Fanwork. Graphics, fanfiction and everything
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                                               ~ a personal graphic community for mary_greenman.
Personal Journal.
@ A03.
Kermitfries (BFF)
About Me (Updated 4/5/12)
I like to be called Mary online, though that isn't my real name. I live in Colorado, and I love to work on graphics like icons, wallpapers, screencaps, GIFS, fanmix covers etc. I’ll do anything fandom wise, and love to relax by making icon bases. I want to work on being more creative with textures and the like, but am still sort of new to the whole icon making process (despite having over 400 bases made).

I'm generally a very friendly person and like to make lots of new friends so don't be afraid to message me or comment on my work! Even if you don't like it! Mistakes are the best way to learn, and I love intelligent critiques!

I created xvampirebarbiex (which needs a better mod who will pay more attention to it and run it), and participated in fandomverse (team crime) & femslash_land (team crossover). School got in the way of these, so I mostly do stuff on my own in my own time. I’m also a fanfic writer, and have another comm for fanfic/original works (marygwrites)

About the Comm
This is a place for the graphics I do in my own, personal time off. I don’t do comms very much anymore, or 20in20’s. I’m not very good with deadlines and I need to work on a couple skills before I feel I’m good enough for competition. You will find an assortment of icons, icon bases, wallpapers and more. I venture in a bit of everything, using my own caps when I can and crediting others when I don’t. I need to go through and organize/label my resources.

I do take requests, but I reserve the right to refuse based on familiarity with the fandom and/or actor. If you’d like to request for a certain actor/actress for whatever reason, give me their name and a series that best fits the kind of portrayal you’re looking for. You can send it via PM or through my AIM (xmarygreenmanx). Please fill out these forms if you’d like me to make you something.

Include “Graphic Request for Mary from [name here]” in the subject.
Body should include the following:

Focus: (actor/actress/show/emotion etc)

For: (original character in an RPG, default icon, comm, etc)

What I Want: (icon, wallpaper (specify if laptop or ipod/phone please), fanmix cover, link buttons, etc)

Sizes: (icons will always be 100x100, wallpaper needs to include the screen resolution)

Set or Single? (if set, answer with # of icons wanted, # of wallpapers, (wallpapers will get a max of 2 since you’ll get different versions of both), # of episodes (for screencaps) # of… etc. You get the picture)